Oldschool Renderings
I created these illustrations by using traditional techniques employed in automotive styling long before the computer age. Various mediums are used such as coloured pencil, pastels, Gouache, ink and markers. 

Available as A3 Giclee prints for $45.00 plus postage.


The Bond Car, Aston Martin DB5. Available as A3 Giclee Prints for $45 + Post

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Race-Transporter Maple-Leaf-Rod Muscle-Car-1 Jensen-Interceptor-Render Charger-RT-Render F100-Truck cadillac-1959 FJ-Panelvan Aston-Martin-DB5 Aston-Martin-DB6 charger-RT-progress charger-RT Chevy-1957-progress Chevy-1957 Ford-P5-LTD jaguar-E-Type-progress jaguar-E-Type porsche-911
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